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As a young boy growing up in the Philadelphia area suburbs I always enjoyed a trip to the city of Brotherly Love. The Franklin Institute, Art Museum, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Center City statue of William Penn the smells of the Italian Market in South Philly and following our pro sports teams, having fun on South Street, eating late night early morning barbecued ribs along North Broad St. a lot of fun. My father and two uncles worked for the Philadelphia Electric Company so when the family got together the men would talk a lot about the jobs they were on and even sometimes , take me for a ride to the job site and talk about the work needless to say I must have been listening.

After scratching my way through grade school and high school I found myself working as a nurseryman growing trees and shrubs on a farm I still love horticulture and took this opportunity to learn all I could about trees, shrubs and even attended Temple Ambler campus for a few semesters. I came home one night after a Tyson fight, and my father had passed away from heart failure. Within a week later the representatives of the electric company came too our home and offered me a opportunity for a job. Six weeks later after passing some tests I was hired as a building mechanic helper. This seemed to be a good fit for me and helped me become very familiar with the workings of large commercial type facilities and also gave me a chance to look around the company to see where I would like to make a career. Having the rest of my family involved in the transmission and distribution of electricity, I became fascinated by the commercial production of electricity, I had a chance to help the main steam/turbine gang of the Philadelphia Electric Company for about twelve years of my rewarding sixteen year career with the company.

From growing trees to becoming a first class machinist for the company was quite a challenge for me. Most of the time people ask me questions about plant material and would save the machinists questions for the folks that grew up behind a lathe but I was fine with that, but immersed myself in the mechanics of the equipment we would work on Hence this fascination with the generation of electricity gives birth to Inside the Giant Electric Machine.

After surviving a downsize or two I had a opportunity to be a stay at home dad and produce farmer, amazing how much I learned, trust me don’t take our food for granted. The past couple years I have been working heavy construction and waiting for the new season so I had this time to write volume three The Main Generator.