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The Book

Inside the Giant Electric Machine

Volume Three: The Main Generator

by John Guiliano

Every piece of equipment and minute of manpower is intently focused on the health and well-being of the star of the Inside the Giant Electric Machine series, the main generator. Besides the safety of the crew and equipment, the most important thing inside the giant electric generating machine is the maximum power production of the main generator. The main generator is diagnosed with a few problems and is in need of repair, so when Louie receives the call from Eagle Ed, it’s time for the crew of highly trained, diverse craftsmen and craftswomen to spring into action and cure the giant electric machine of what is ailing it. The very colorful crew methodically disassembles, cleans, inspects, replaces parts, reassembles, and restores the main generator back to maximum efficiency for the success of the giant electric machine. The crew works very well together, understanding the importance of working safely, asking questions, following procedures, and getting the work done right the first time. The crew also understands the importance of a safe, reliable source of electricity to be provided to all our homes and businesses across America and the world.